Fluids for Harp solo
World Premiere 2017
Commissioned by International Harp Competition in Israel
Harp solo – Gittit Boasson
Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv

World Premiere 2017
for contrabass solo – Grigori Krotenko
BKA Theater, Berlin

Tslalei Or
World Premiere 2016
for Cello – Yoni Gotlibovich and Prepared Piano – Yuval Zorn, dedicated to Yoni Gotlibovich and Yuval Zorn
Composed for the concerts series ” Atnachta” by Chayuta Dvir
The Jerusalem Centre for the Performing Arts, Jerusalem

      Tzlalei Or (2016)

Alice in Wonderland
World Premiere 2015
piano pieces cycle for children premiered by young pianists – Shira and Uriah Doitch – students by Veronika Izchak
Commissioned by EPTA  European Piano Teachers Association
New Music Center, Tel Aviv

Mere Air my words fare
World Premiere 2015
Poetry by Sapho
for 2 sopranos and chamber ensemble
Commissioned by Israeli Women Composers Forum
Felicjia Blumenthal Music Center, Tel Aviv

      Mere Air my words fare (2015)

Words and Meaning
World Premiere 2015
Commissioned by Meitar Ensemble and Ministry of Culture, Israel, dedicated to Meitar Ensemble
18th Israeli Music Celebration – Museum of Art, Tel Aviv

      Words and Meaning (2015)

World Premiere 2015
Momenta Quartet, dedicated to Peter Pohly and Momenta Quartet
commissioned by Peter Pohly (NYC)
Center for Jewish History

      Four (2015)

Elusive Shadows
World Premiere 2015
The Israeli Music Conservatory
Meitar Ensemble

Elusive Obscurity
World Premiere 2014
by Monet’s paintings, in 3 parts
Amit Landau – viola, Ophra Itzhaki – piano, Dani Erdman – clarinet

Flute Concerto in 3 pats
Dedicated to Meitar Ensemble
The Israeli Music Conservatory
flute Hagar Shahal, conductor – Cuy Feder

World Premiere 2014
HaTeiva, Tel-Aviv
for violin – Yael Barolsky, percussion – Oded Geizhals 

      Repercussion (2014)

The Land which I tread…
World Premiere 2013
for soprano – Mor Kantor, recorder – Inbar Solomon,
percussion – Oded Geizhals, electric  guitar – Gabriel Telecaster and tape.
Libretto by Guy Gutman, choreography by Tami Leibovits,
dancers – Tami Leibovits and Talia de Paris
HaTeiva, Tel Aviv

Cicada’s singing or Fly my broken dreams
World Premiere 2013
for vibraphone
dedicated to Oded Geizhals and to my father David Cohen
HaTeiva, Tel Aviv

      Cicada's singing or Fly my broken dreams (2013)

Words and meanings
World Premiere 2013
for soprano Ayelet Amots-Avramson, flute (alto) – Roy Amots, clarinet (bass clarinet) – Gilad Harel and violin (viola) – Moshe Aharonov, conductor – Yuval Zorn.
By words of Marina Tsvetaeva.
Dedicated to Meitar Ensemble (Israel)

      Words and meanings (2013)

Intersecting Parallels
World Premiere 2013
for violin, clarinet (bass clarinet) and piano dedicated to “Trio Musicale” Madrid
SGAE, Madrid

      Intersecting Parallels (2013)

Pf memories
World Premiere 2012
6 pieces for piano
Asian Music Festival in Israel, Piano Recital of Naaman Wagner
Felicia Blimental Music Center, Tel  Aviv

      Pf memories (2012)

Rainbow in the sky
6  pieces for 5 flutes
Israeli Composers League concert – “Composers compose for children”
played by pupils and Margarita Timoshin
Israeli Music Celebration, Beer Sheva Music center

      Rainbow in the sky (2012)

World Premiere 2012
for flute /recorder
dedicated to flutist Margarita Timoshin
The Jerusalem centre for the Performing Arts

      AirAria (2012)

And the Spirit of God hovered over the Water
World Premiere 2010-2012
Commissioned by Trio Vis
Roy Amotz – flute, traverso, Ira Givol – cello, baroque cello, Matan Porat – piano
Club 71 Musical Chairs, Gesher Theatre, Jaffa

      And the Spirit of God hovered over the Water (2012)

Concerto for flute and ensemble
World Premiere 2011
Commissioned by Ensemble Meitar
Roy Amotz – flute, Guy Feder – conductor
Einav Musical Centre, Tel Aviv

for three trumpets, World Premiere 2011
Commissioned by “Dresden Trumpet Nights”
Bill Forman (Germany), Naama Golan (Israel),
Nathan Plante (Germany – USA) – trumpet players

Distant Memories
for bassoon and piano
World Premiere 2011
commissioned by Israeli Composers League
The Felicia Blumental Music Centre

Silent Prayer
6 pieces for oboe,World Premiere2010
Yael Zamir, violin – Yael Barolsky, viola – Amit Landau,
cello – Hila Epshtein and Tam-tam, by Reuven Rubin’s painting.
Rubin Museum, Tel Aviv
Commissioned by Rubin Museum

World Premiere 2010-2011
for the ensemble
Tel Aviv Museum of Arts

      Zoominout (2010)

World Premiere 2009
for guitar, accordion, bass guitar and Theremin Vox
Synesthetic nights
Hazira@Hamaabada, Derech Hevron, 28, Jerusalem

      Echoes - Synesthesia nights (2009)

Color Games
Ensemble Meitar and professor Jonathan Berger
(Stanford University, USA)
Joint production of Hana Ajiashvili and ensemble Meitar
Hateiva, Tel Aviv – Jaffa, World Premiere. 2009

      Color games (2010)

And there was a light
for flute and violin.
World Premiere 2009
Concert: Ensemble Court – Circuit (France)
Hateiva, Tel Aviv – Jaffa

      And there was a light (2009)

for string trio.
World Premiere 2008/2009
The Israeli Chamber Club
Nitay Zory – violin, Gadi Avady – viola, Hillel Zory – cello

Alea per Cello
Aviv Competitions 2008-2009
Commissioned by The Adele and John Gray Endowment Fund
for Young Israeli Composers of AICF.
Jerusalem, “Mishkenot Sheananim”. (21.12.08)
Publisher: Israel Music Institute 2008 IMI 7845

      Alea (2008)

Homage e Berio
for violin
World Premiere 2008
Tel Aviv International Festival of Contemporary Music and Video Art
Dedicated to violinist Yael Barolsky

Points and Lines in space
for flute, clarinet, bassoon, violin, cello and piano.
World Premiere 2008
Commissioned by ensemble “Meitar”
Tel Aviv, “Hateiva”; Jerusalem, “Mishkenot Sheananim”. (16.06.08-17.06.08)
Publisher: Israel Music Institute 2008 IMI 7831 P

      Points and Lines in space (2008)

Per trio mobile
for violin, cello and piano
World Premiere 2008
Commissioned by Israeli Music festival of Music school “Sadna”.
Jerusalem Music Centre, Mishkenot Shaananim (12.05.08)

      Per trio mobile (2008)

My God, the soul you placed within in me…
The piece was written especially for one of the best Israeli
ensembles of contemporary music – “Meitar”
Ensemble “Meitar”, Tel Aviv, Ha-Teiva (01.09.2007)
Publisher: Israel Music Institute 2007 IMI 7786

      My God, the soul you placed within in me… (2007)

Mishakey Eladim (Children’s games)
for children’s chorus,
Tel Aviv, Bar Ilan University, Israel (29.05.07)

Colours Black Yellow Red
for large simphony orchestra (2007)

for clarinet, violin and piano,
Bar Ilan University (2007)

Music of silence
for flute and harp, Continuum ensemble,
JCC, New York, USA (13.02.2007)

      Music of Silence (2000)

Cashe egadel lehiot katan
music for ballet,
Teatron Machol Jerusalem (2006)

Miracle – 5 parts
music for film of E.Roman, Israel (2006)

String Quartet
Tel Aviv, Israel (premier 10.12.2005)

      String quartet (1998)

for ensemble
World Premiere 2004
Tel Aviv, Israel (05.06.2004)

      Reflections (2004)

Seareh od noshev chazara
for violin and harp
World Premiere 2002
( Tel Aviv, 18.12.02, Jerusalem, 20.12.2002)

      Seareh od noshev chazara (2002)

Five pieces for oboe and ensemble – part 1 and 3
Tel Aviv, Israel (premier, 2001)


for flute and percussions
World Premiere 2000
Tel Aviv, Israel

for chamber ensemble
World Premiere 2000
Studio New Music, Moscow, Russia (15.01.2000)

      Arpegiatto (2000)

for chamber ensemble
World Premiere 1999
Moscow, Russia (24.10.1999)

Three pieces for flute solo (1999)
World Premiere 1999
for festival “Moscow Autumn”,
Moscow, Russia (21.11.1999)

      Three pieces for flute solo (1999)

Autumn day
for soprano and piano,
Tbilisi, Georgia (1998)

for chorus
World Premiere 1998
Paris, France (12.07.1998)

Four pieces
for flute, cello and piano
World Premiere 1998
Studio New Music, Moscow, Russia (01.06.1998)

      Four peaces (1998)

String quartet

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